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Additional Services

additional services

NRSS also offers the following services:

Track Maintenance Services – NRSS is now offering Track Maintenance Services out of our Chicago Office. We can provide routine maintenance services within this region. We also have the ability to provide timely 24/7 emergency response. Please contact Central District Manager, Aaron Selph for more information. Call (630) 637-9366 or (513) 716-7677.
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Project Management – NRSS provides Project Managers to oversee specific projects and represent the railroad’s interests. These services range from reviewing permits to reviewing erection procedures. NRSS will always put your railroad’s interests and safety first. Do you need help with a specific project?

Safety Audits – NRSS’s Safety Team can perform Safety Audits on your Roadway Worker Contractors, Non-Railroad Construction Projects, and Industry Track Operations. NRSS can properly evaluate and recommend proven Performance Improvement Plans. Having trouble with a contractor? One of your industries you serve need help? Give us call.

Construction Inspection / Project Observers – NRSS provides Construction Inspection/Project Observers to work on behalf of railroads to monitor construction activities within the railroad’s right of way. They work directly with the contractors to ensure that the contractors understand what they can and can’t do inside the railroad’s right of way on a daily basis. They also work with the railroad’s RWIC when On-Track Protection is needed. Do you have a project that you need help with?

Roadway Crossing (Traffic Control) Closings – NRSS provides traffic control by closing at grade crossings when a crossing needs repair. NRSS will work with the local, county or state government to set up closures and provide rerouting of traffic. Let us help with your next closure.

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