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Roadway Worker in Charge (RWIC) Railroad Flagging Services

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NRSS is the most trusted name in the railroad industry for providing qualified RWIC/EIC Railroad Flaggers. NRSS has 3 locations, Cincinnati, OH. Chicago, IL and Dallas / Fort Worth, TX. These strategic locations give us a greater capability to provide qualified Railroad Flaggers throughout the continental United States. NRSS continues to grow and we have the capability to provide RWIC/EIC Railroad Flaggers nationwide including Canada!

NRSS is fully insured, unlike some companies that utilize uninsured subcontractors. In addition to our current training, our Roadway Worker in Charge (RWIC) Railroad Flaggers will meet your training requirements by attending your training courses. We also provide our own equipment; including vehicles, cell phones, railroad radios, personal protective equipment, portable derails, flags, whistles/air horns, and fuses. Our Railroad Flaggers are assigned to a specific job site and they don't leave to perform other duties. We are experienced in the following methods of protection; track warrant control, form B protection, Form C protection, track and time, inaccessible track, and track out of service. Job (safety) briefings are always conducted. Your railroad's safety is our number one priority!

Unlike our competition, NRSS does not hire subcontractors to perform RWIC Railroad Flagging duties. All RWIC's are employees of NRSS giving you additional peace of mind. NRSS takes the guess work out of wondering if the company you hired has properly insured sub-contracted employees working for them. No more worrying about what happens if a sub-contracted employee is hurt on your property. Is the contractor you hired really verifying that their sub-contracted employees are properly insured?

NRSS can provide qualified RWIC Flaggers for any construction project that impacts a railroad’s right-of-way. These projects can range from a one day bore project to a multi-year highway project. No project is too big or too small for NRSS to handle.

NRSS currently provides services to more than 60 railroads nationwide. How we can we help you?